See the Trailer For Kandi Burruss’ Play, A Mother’s Love! (VIDEO)
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Kandi Burruss

See the Trailer For Kandi Burruss’ Play, A Mother’s Love! (VIDEO)

If you thought Kandi Burruss’ empire was limited to songs and sex toys, think again.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star proved she’s got plenty of tricks left up her sleeve when the trailer for her new musical, A Mother’s Love, hit the internet.

The show, for which Kandi does double duty as both an executive producer and lead actress, tells the story of young women torn between the bad boys in their life and their mothers’ guidance.

For those who aren’t fans of the theater (although, who doesn’t love the strange intensity of people breaking out in song at seemingly random intervals) the play has more to offer than your standard musical fare — there’s parental disapproval, passing out, some kind of vague betrayal, shiny leggings, booze, choreographed dance moves, and, of course, Porsha Williams.

While we don’t expect the play to be a completely accurate reflection of Kandi’s personal life, some of the major themes of the piece do seem to hit close to home.

Kandi’s fiance Todd Tucker has been a routine point of contention for Kandi and her mother, Mama Joyce, a plotline that continues to play out on RHOA.

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