Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kandi Burruss Says RHoA Reunion Fight Worse Than What Was Shown on TV! (VIDEO)

If things didn’t seem bad enough while watching April 20’s “Reunion, Part 1” episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, then you should have been there! The Kenya Moore-Porsha Williams throwdown was actually worse in person, says Kandi Burruss.

TMZ caught up with Kandi this week, and asked her about her thoughts when the reunion brawl aired.

“It was shocking when it happened; it was kind of crazy to see it again all over,” Kandi said. “It was a little worse in-person because the reaction of everything — of course they edited some things, so you don’t get to see everything. I think it was a little worse.”

Yikes! What else happened off-camera? If the Bravo camera crews were able to show Porsha really grip that head of hair on Kenya, how much worse could things have been? Actually, we don’t really want to know…

The paps also asked if Kandi knew the status of Porsha and Kenya’s interactions since the reunion. And if you were still wondering, the R&B singer says she “doubts very seriously if they’ve talked” (re: apologized).

While Kenya chose not to respond to Porsha’s glam mug shot earlier this week, Kandi took the time to gush about her co-star pal’s pic, saying, “It was beautiful. I think it was perfect.” It sure was!

The cameraman even got the reality star to comment on casting rumors, asking if Kandi planned on coming back. “I don’t know, they haven’t told us yet,” she responded. “I’m assuming.“

We hope so, too!

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Source: TMZ