Kandi Burruss Threatens to “F— Up” Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas — Did She Overreact?
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kandi Burruss Threatens to “F— Up” Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas — Did She Overreact?

Tonight brought the epic conclusion of the pajama party blowout on Real Housewives of Atlanta, and while last episode we watched Apollo Nida exchange blows with Kenya Moore’s assistant Brandon, the February 9 follow-up had Kandi Burruss going head-to-head with Cynthia Bailey. Seem out of nowhere to you? We thought so, too.

After the dust had settled around Apollo and Brandon’s fight, everyone seemed to be making up and resolving their issues. That is, until Kandi turned the tables on Natalie and brought up the things she’d said about Todd to Cynthia. “You had some things to say about Todd that I didn’t think was cool,” she starts, adding, “Are you saying that you know he’s an opportunist?” There’s that word again!

While Natalie insists that she never used the infamous O-word about Kandi’s man, she did bring up the fact that Todd supposedly cheated on her friend back in the day. The argument over Todd’s “hustler” reputation turned to Cynthia, as she’s the one who wanted to give Kandi “all of the information.”

Then Cynthia makes a big mistake: She gets a little too animated with Kandi, talking with her hands and wagging her fingers. That doesn’t sit well with the pint-sized gal. “I’m a short girl, so you cannot come up in my face doing all this finger wagging… and think that will be cool,” she tells the Bravo cameras.

Cynthia’s sister Malorie pushes Kandi’s shoulder to break them up and that completely sets Kandi off. It’s a little confusing to follow, but it seems Kandi goes after Cynthia and Mal and Peter tries to separate them. From there, Todd steps in to grab Kandi, and Peter thinks he’s coming after him. Then those two get into it. WTF?!

“B— I will f— you up,” Kandi screams at Peter, in between tears. “You put your hands on me, I will f—ing drag you in this b—.” Whoa, girl.

Now, we know emotions were running high and there was a lot of drinking involved, but do you think Kandi was justified in her response or did she overreact? Vote below!

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