Why Does Kandi Burruss Think Todd Tucker is Cheating?
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Kandi Burruss

Why Does Kandi Burruss Think Todd Tucker is Cheating?

Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker have always seemed to have a strong relationship, so why does Kandi suddenly suspect her hubby is cheating?

On Sunday’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi revealed her concerns about Todd possibly having an affair.

Kandi admitted to a friend that, despite her desire to get pregnant this year, Todd hasn’t been entirely enthusiastic about their baby-making efforts.

“We only been married for six months and we're sitting up here, saying we want to have a kid, and we ain't even been getting it in like we should. We may do it once a week,” revealed Kandi.

“I laugh to keep from crying … He's out of town, we have sex once a week —it seems like somebody's cheating."

While Kandi may have some suspicions about Todd’s fidelity, it looks like his reluctance to perform may have more to do with his apprehensions about expanding their family than any kind of affair.

On a recent episode of RHoA, Todd admitted to Kandi that he’s concerned his busy schedule won’t allow him to be the kind of parent he wants to be.

Do you think Todd is cheating on Kandi, or is just his hectic work schedule that’s keeping him from spending more time with her? Sound off in the comments!