Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker’s Wedding: Did They Sign the Prenup? (VIDEO)
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Kandi Burruss

Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker’s Wedding: Did They Sign the Prenup? (VIDEO)

Money issues can get the best of even the most supportive couples — Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker included!

In a new sneak peek from BravoTV of the upcoming episode of Kandi's Wedding, it’s clear that Kandi and Todd nearly let fighting over finances ruin their big day. Tensions reached an all-time high when the two couldn’t agree on the details of a prenup.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta stars had both agreed to sign the document, but came at the issues from drastically different perspectives: Kandi wanted the document signed and out of the way, but Todd wanted to make sure that the contract was solid and fair before he put his John Hancock on it.

“We’re not going to get married if we don’t have no prenup,” said Kandi.

“I don’t want your f—king money, man,” replied a frustrated Todd. “You, your mama, all y’all — I don’t think there’s going to be no wedding.”

Kandi and Todd may not have seen eye-to-eye regarding their prenup, but there was one surprising detail they weren’t arguing over: the bachelor party.

While Kandi made it clear that Todd wouldn’t be allowed to engage in any “extracurriculars” with the strippers, once the party (and requisite twerking) got under way, Kandi was making it rain like a pro.

Tune in to see it all go down on Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi's Wedding on Sunday, June 22 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

Do you think Todd made the right choice to wait until the prenup was revised before signing it?

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