Credit: Kandi Burruss on Instagram Photo: Kandi Burruss Is Proud of Her Body

On last Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, former Miss USA Kenya Moore said some not-so-nice things about Kandi Burruss’s weight. Kenya was already peeved that Kandi and many of the other girls were so late to NeNe Leakes’s house for their Savannah send off, and when she found out that Kandi was tardy because she had to stop for some Chick-fil-A, she was even more pissed off.

Kenya told the Bravo cameras that Kandi could afford to “skip some meals” and even though she later clarified during her Watch What Happens Live appearance that Kandi “is the coolest girl in the world and she’s talked about the fact that she wants to lose a couple of pounds,” people were still eager to hear Kandi’s point of view on the situation.

The RHoA star didn’t turn in a Bravo blog this week, and when she failed to address Kenya’s remarks on a new installment of Kandi Koated Nights on Wednesday, people got really curious. Luckily, Kandi is very in tune with what her fans want a posted a picture of herself in a leotard with the following caption.

Last night on the chat box for #KKN people wanted me to say how I felt about what @kenyamoore said on last week's episode of #RHOA.... Well she says I need to miss a few meals but I say Im fabulous! Gone wit the wind fabulous, Gone wit the wind fabulous.... (In my @kenyamoore voice) LMAO!#IDontCareWhatSheSays #YesMyThighsAreBigSoWhat #IWillLoveHerAnyway #ILoveMe #IRepresentTheCurvyGirls #NoImNotASize2 #IwillGoOnADietAfterTheHolidaysButForNowIWillJustBeHappyAsIAm.

Whoa, girl. That’s a lot of hashtags, but we get your message loud and clear: Kenya can say what she wants but you’re happy with yourself just the way you are. Preach!

Even though we think Kenya was just trying to be funny (and Kandi is clearly not holding it against her) we still think her comments were slightly insensitive. Still, we love the way Kandi responded, she could have easily attacked Kenya right back but she opted to take the high road and didn’t sling an insult of her own.

What’s your take on Kandi’s response, was it fitting or do you wish she fired right back? Tell us your thoughts below!