Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Kandi Burruss Ditches Her Red Hair

Kandi Burruss is usually one of the most agreeable ladies on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but this week she ruffled a bunch of feathers when she took the master bedroom on the girls’ trip to Savannah, Georgia and didn’t leave it for NeNe Leakes, who had organized the entire weekend for her co-stars.

Many of the gals, especially Kenya Moore, thought Kandi was out of line for snagging the “best” room, which probably should have been reserved for NeNe, but Kandi sees things differently, and certainly didn’t appreciate getting called out by Ms. Moore. Kandi explained herself on Instagram, via a photo of a note she’d written about the incident, and in the note’s lengthy caption itself. The caption reads:

RHOA viewers that are mad at me for picking the room I picked … This message is for you. The first room I walked in I said I liked. No one knew it was the master. No one had anything to say until they kept looking & realized later that the room I picked was the best one. Even then the only person who really seemed to have a problem was Kenya. Nene told me she was cool with her room. I didn't know they were all dogging me behind my back. & as far as them being mad about me being late … They are ALWAYS late too! They were 3 hours late to my get together a couple days before the savannah trip. I'm not saying that being late is cool but don't make a big deal about me when you do the same thing is all I'm saying … #SMH #RHOA.

The photo that goes with this caption pretty much says the same thing. Kandi reiterates that NeNe was perfectly happy in her own room, but if she had asked for the master bedroom Kandi would’ve happily given it to her.

We were a bit surprised that Kandi took the master bedroom as well, but if NeNe was fine with it then we don’t really see the problem.

Do you think Kenya was just trying to start something, or was Kandi really out of line? Weigh in below!