Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Kandi and Riley Burruss Model Clothes

On the December 29 episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the ladies somehow began a heated debate over when a young girl should be able to date. Cynthia Bailey argued that by giving her 14-year-old daughter permission to date, she’s eliminating rebellion that could come later, but NeNe Leakes argued that 14 is way too young to have a boyfriend.

Several of the ladies noted that raising girls (like Cynthia is doing) is different than raising boys (as NeNe is and has done). The only other Housewife with a daughter is Kandi Burruss, and though she admitted that she felt like NeNe was too hard on Cynthia, she didn’t exactly weigh in with a point of view on the heated topic.

However, Kandi’s Twitter followers weren’t about to let her off that easy, and several of them asked whether or not Kandi allows her daughter to date. At first, Kandi evaded the answer, simply replying, “My daughter is only 11.”

Little Riley is so mature that sometimes we forget she’s not even in high school yet!

But when Kandi continued to get the Riley dating question, she knew she needed to be more straightforward. When another follower asked if she allows Riley to date now, Kandi bluntly replied, “No.”

Considering Riley hasn’t even hit her teens yet, we think Kandi made a good call. Kandi’s little girl still has plenty of years left to date and break boys’ hearts!

Do you think Kandi is right in not allowing 11-year-old Riley to date just yet? Tell us what you think below!