Credit: Kandi Burruss on Instagram Photo: Kandi Burruss Wears Glitter Pants For a Night Out

We love the stars of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and we love them even more when they mingle with other reality stars from Hotlanta, and there are many! Last night, February 5, Kandi Burruss and her friend Carmon (you know, the one Mama Joyce is convinced is getting busy with Todd Tucker?!) showed their support for Love & Hip Hop star, Stevie J.

What exactly did the ladies do for Joseline Hernandez’s hubby, you ask? They showed up to the highly-anticipated opening of his new club! Kandi posted a photo on Instagram of the two ladies enjoying themselves at the new establishment and wrote, “Me & @camcambi came out to support @iambenzino & Stevie J's grand opening of their new club! Congrats fellas!!!” The ladies look lovely as they sit in a red leather banquet that’s both chic and sexy.

As Kandi’s caption mentions, Stevie J and his pal Benzino recently opened a new club in the A, Sleazy & Zino Bistro & Bar. The opening was filmed for LHHA, and even though we’re hearing a massive fight broke out at the bar, it looks like our girl Kandi had a great time.

Credit: Kandi Burruss on Instagram Photo: Kandi Burruss and Carmon Support Stevie J and Benzino

Earlier in the night she shared a photo of the outfit she wore to the opening, and we think she looks nothing short of amazing! Her ensemble consisted of a black, leather-trim blazer, a graphic tee, and glitter pants. On anyone else we’d doubt this look, but Kandi executes it flawless. “Bout to hit the streets!,” she wrote alongside the snap.

Earlier in the day Kandi gave her daughter Riley her first driving lesson, so we’re sure she was happy to let loose and relax a bit with her friends.

Are you surprised that Kandi hit up Stevie J’s club opening? Tell us what you think below!