Kandi Burruss looked gorgeous all glammed-up at her weekend bachelorette party, but she looks just as good first thing in the a.m., all fresh-faced with no makeup.

Kandi shared this photo (shown below) on March 27, writing, "Good morning! This is about to be a LONG day.... Time for hair & makeup & then lights, camera, action!"

We all have good and bad days and Kandi had to know she was lookin' pretty good this day, so she had the confidence to show off her natural beauty.

Or maybe she's so in love, feeling her pre-wedding glow, that she doesn't care whether anyone thinks she looks good or not. But Instagram commenters were mostly positive, saying she looks great with or without makeup.

On March 29, she shared the photo above, riding in a car with full makeup, presumably on her way to her bridal shower.

Do you think she looks better with or without makeup? Equally good?

Either way, that Todd Tucker is a pretty lucky guy, for a lot of reasons. (Although maybe he'd rather have a different future mother-in-law?) Kandi and Todd are getting married very soon — any day now — in Atlanta, and hopefully Kandi shares more Instagram pics from the big event!