Credit: Instagram

Kandi Burruss may be a consummate businesswoman, but even the most professional people can get thrown off their game after a night of hard partying.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta posted a collage of photos to Instagram that, at first glance, look like sexy selfies, but are actually the results of a few too many late nights celebrating Todd Tucker’s birthday. While Kandi manages to look better in the pics than most people who’ve overindulged, it seems she’s definitely feeling the after-effects of her wild weekend.

“I partied way too hard this weekend! I'm so tired! I just need a nap.... But I have to work.  #IfThisLadyAskMeToDoOneMoreThing #DontSheSeeImTired #IShouldveSaidICouldntTapeToday #iWasntMadeForThisNonStopTurnUp #WHyCANtToDaysRealItyJustBeImTiredAndIDontFeelLikeTalking #OkIWillStopComplaining,” Kandi jokingly captioned the pic.

With their busy schedules keeping them on opposite sides of the country, we can hardly blame Kandi for going a bit overboard when it came time to celebrate her hubby’s big day.

While most people are lucky get a cake and a lackluster rendition of “Happy Birthday,” Todd got two parties — one at a nightclub and an intimate dinner with friends the following night — in addition to receiving a stunning white Corvette Stingray.

It may have been an exhausting weekend, it sounds like one hell of a party!

Source: Instagram