Credit: Todd Tucker on Instagram Photo: Todd Tucker Rocks a Yankee Hat in His New Car

Kandi Burruss gave her new husband Todd Tucker a shiny white Corvette for his birthday, and even though he damaged the car just days after receiving it, all seems to be better now, as the Real Housewives of Atlanta star has taken to snapping selfies from behind the wheel — hopefully while the car was parked or stopped!


Credit: Todd Tucker on Instagram Photo: Todd Tucker Takes a Selfie in the Corvette

Todd’s first photo from inside his new ride came to us on August 7. In the picture Kandi’s hubby seamlessly matches the car’s black interior with a black tee, and a black New York Yankees hat. He may be residing in Atlanta now, but it’s good to see that Todd is never far from his NY roots. “Picture me Rollin!!!” he captioned the snap, which also featured him sporting some slightly grey facial hair.

By August 13 Todd was at it again, this time taking the photo from a different angle. The caption is the same, but Todd is wearing a white shirt in this most recent pic, and it looks like he’s freshly shaven. Though he’s wearing earbuds this time around, Todd isn’t looking at the camera. Instead he’s chosen to look at the road, which we think is a pretty good idea considering he’s in the driver’s seat.

For the past several months Todd has spent a bunch of time away from Kandi and his family as he’s been splitting his time between Atlanta and Los Angeles, and even though he’s about to hit the road again in a few weeks, it’s bound to be easier this time since he’ll be accompanying Kandi on the national tour of A Mother’s Love. The tour starts on September 4 in Columbus, Georgia.

What do you think of Todd’s Corvette selfies: cool or dangerous? Weigh in below!