Kandi Burruss’s Mom Slams Todd Tucker: “She Stepped Herself Down For You”
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kandi Burruss’s Mom Slams Todd Tucker: “She Stepped Herself Down For You”

We're huge Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker fans — but mama Joyce? Not so much. The Real Housewives of Atlanta matriarch is convinced that Todd is hangin' out the passenger side of his best friend's ride, and she's none too pleased about welcoming him into the family. During this week's all-new RHoA episode on December 1, Joyce gets the chance to tell her future son-in-law exactly how she feels, and you guys? It isn't pretty.

Todd, being the upstanding gentleman that he is, suggests to Kandi that they get together with Joyce for dinner to talk things out. It's clear Todd wants to prove he's not mooching off Kandi for her fame and fortune, but sadly, Joyce doesn't want to hear any of it — in fact, she greets Kandi's dog before even saying hi to Todd! Way harsh, J.

Things go from bad to worse (if you can imagine that) when Joyce insinuates that Todd's been getting a little too chummy with Kandi's BFF Carmen. But mama Burruss is far from done, and proceeds to slam Todd for being too "thrifty" with Kandi's engagement ring.

"Had I been you," Joyce tells Todd, "I would have bought the ring, but I would have bought it for a Christmas gift. You're thrifty. You're always thrifty. She didn't pick a $30-thousand ring because she knows the way you are. She stepped herself down for you. Men are supposed to be the provider."

Todd immediately stands up for himself, telling mama Joyce that he provides "love, happiness, and stability" — plus, it's not like he's making $2 an hour. At this point, Kandi finally interrupts this riveting game of verbal volleyball and assures her mom that Todd is stepping up to the plate, both financially and emotionally.

It's fairly obvious, however, that money isn't the underlying issue here. Earlier in the conversation Joyce expressed feeling alienated ever since Todd came into their lives. "It's like you don't have a family," she said. "How many pictures you got of your mama?"

There it is, folks. We're not therapists, but it seems like Joyce is actually just scared of losing her daughter — which is totally understandable. We just hope she can find a more productive way of expressing her feelings in the future. And thankfully it seems like things may be going in the right direction. By the end of the night Todd and Joyce agree that their relationship is a "work in progress" (whatever that means).

What do you guys think? Will Joyce ever truly accept Todd? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!