Kandi Finally Speaks Out on Fantasia’s Wedding Toast — What Did She Think? (VIDEO)
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Kandi Burruss

Kandi Finally Speaks Out on Fantasia’s Wedding Toast — What Did She Think? (VIDEO)

Ever since Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker tied the knot on April 4, we've been getting more details about the ceremony and reception. Among the leaked stories, word on the street is that former American Idol winner and Broadway star Fantasia Barrino gave a foul-mouthed speech that left the Real Housewives of Atlanta bride mortified. But, according to a recent interview with V-103, that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, Kandi thought the speech was funny.

When the DJ asked Kandi about the notorious speech, she laughed it off, replying, "I feel like people blew that all out of proportion. That's my homegirl, she's my friend, I thought it was funny, and people just took it to the next level."

She went on to reveal that Todd was on the same page.

"To me, it was funny and Todd thought it was funny, too,” Kandi insisted. “I just felt like ... she's my friend, and she should be able to be comfortable and say what she wanted to say among friends ... I don't feel like she had to be all uptight and scared about biting her tongue just because other people are around. It's our wedding and I thought it was funny.”

What's more, even Mama Joyce felt that folks overreacted to the speech. She shared her theory that people were looking for someone to pin drama on since she failed to cause any scenes at her daughter's wedding.

"I thought it also was funny and I thought it was blown way out of proportion," Mama Joyce agreed, adding, "I guess because I didn't turn it out, they had to find somebody to replace me."

Now that's funny.

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Source: V-103