Kansas City Twin Boys Born 39 Days Apart!
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Kansas City Twin Boys Born 39 Days Apart!

The mother of twin boys born in Kansas City, Missouri, finally got to go home recently, after delivering the second twin baby 39 days after the first!

According to People, Carl and David Cowan were born 39 days apart, blowing away the record of the twins who made headlines a few weeks ago who were born a mere 24 days apart.

The twins’ father, David Cowan, Sr., is an ER doctor working in Saudi Arabia. He and his wife Elene, flew back to the US when she was 23 weeks pregnant. Within hours after landing, the mother-to-be began experiencing began experiencing some problems, and rushed to the Richmond Medical Center for treatment.

Once there, doctors told Elene that baby Carl’s amniotic sac was swelling dangerously, and that she was in labor. At 24 weeks, Elene soon delivered Carl, who weighed in at one pound. He was so tiny, Elene was able to put her wedding ring around his wrist.

She told KCTV News, “It's the hardest thing in my life that I've ever done," adding, "I thought that he would die and this really isn't a baby. There's no way he's going to make it."

Baby Carl remained in the neonatal intensive care unit, getting stronger by the day, while Elene was put on immediate bed rest and given medications and other treatments to stall baby David’s labor. Just 39 days later, she finally gave birth to the other twin boy, who weighed in at almost three pounds.

While dad is back dad at work in Saudi Arabia, both mom and the boys are doing well at home, with doctors expecting them to grow into “perfectly healthy and thriving boys.” What a miracle! Elene added, I’m so grateful to God and the prayers from everyone.”

Sources: People, KCTV News

06.20.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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