Kim Kardashian Wants Kanye West to Get Botox for Body Odor — Rumor Patrol
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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Wants Kanye West to Get Botox for Body Odor — Rumor Patrol

The Kardashians aren’t exactly averse to the occasional plastic surgery procedure or cosmetic injection, but could it be true that Kim Kardashian wants her fiancé Kanye West to get Botox... for B.O.? That’s the latest story from the always sensational Star magazine.

According to the tabloid, “despite using powerful deodorants three times a day,” Kanye just can’t keep his body odor under control, and Kim’s had it up to here with her smelly lover. “Everyone can smell it except him,” the unnamed source says.

Always solution oriented, Kim reportedly has suggested Botox as a potential treatment for Kanye’s pit problem. However, the rumor police at Gossip Cop suggest it’s more likely that Star has a lack-of-news problem. A Kardashian insider apparently had a good chuckle at this latest suggestion, responding, “This is crazy.”

Well, it’s certainly not the craziest rumor we’ve heard about the Kardashians, but it’s definitely up there. We actually had no idea Botox was even a viable remedy for excessive sweating, but apparently that’s the one verifiable fact in Star’s report. (However, we should note that, while studies indicate Botox can be helpful for curbing excessive perspiration, it doesn’t necessarily stop body odor, which is caused by bacteria.)

Other than that morsel of truth, this story appears to be a real stinker. (Sorry, we had to.)

Source: Star magazine via Gossip Cop

02.5.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Amber Garrett
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