WATCH: Kanye West Casts Scott Disick in “Yeezus” Promo (VIDEO)
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The Kardashians

WATCH: Kanye West Casts Scott Disick in “Yeezus” Promo (VIDEO)

Who would have thunk it?

Kanye West and Scott Disick made a music video together.

The video, which premiered over the weekend, played during a listening session in Los Angeles (likely the very same one Kanye reportedly hurriedly left to be by girlfriend Kim Kardashian's side as she went into labor).

The short film features Scott, a long-time fan of the 2001 thriller American Psycho that inspired the video. Just last Halloween, Kourtney Kardashian’s main squeeze dressed up as “Psycho” star Patrick Bateman, and when he heard the news of a supposed remake back in 2011, tweeted “just heard there [sic] doing a remake of American Psycho! best news i have ever heard! i hope they call me!

Clearly Kanye did. The pair reportedly shot the video over the weekend while Kanye was in New York celebrating his 36th birthday (due next month, pregnant Kim couldn’t make it). The finished product should be available later this week with Kanye’s new album, “Yeezus,” out June 18.

Knowing the Kardashian Krew, we’re sure sisters Kim and Kourtney are over the moon that their men are working together. Even Kim’s best bud Jonathan Cheban got in on the action; he supposedly gets the ax at the end of the video. Whatever the ending, this is a creative collaboration on par with any of Kris Jenner’s!

Plus it’s nice to hear Kanye’s going all in the family after weeks of speculation that he hasn’t been around enough during girlfriend Kim’s pregnancy. We only wish he could have found a role for Bruce Jenner. It might have helped mend any bad feelings still brewing between the new dad and grandpa.

Source: In Touch via Huffington Post