Is Kanye West’s Controlling Behavior Causing Kim Kardashian to Overeat?
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Kim Kardashian

Is Kanye West’s Controlling Behavior Causing Kim Kardashian to Overeat?

Kim Kardashian lost a staggering amount of weight after giving birth to daughter North just over a year ago, but are poor eating habits causing her to regain the weight?

Kim, who adhered to the Atkins diet following North’s birth, has reportedly fallen off the wagon as she’s become increasingly stressed out by the demands of her marriage. A source for Star magazine reveals that as Kanye West grows more and more controlling — reportedly going as far as to install a tracking device on her phone — Kim has started turning to food for comfort.

“She’ll eat a whole bowl of pasta and ice cream in the middle of the night when she can’t sleep,” says the source. “Now she’s stressed and doing the one thing she hates most… losing control of her diet.”

Kim’s recent selfies show off a better-than-ever figure, which seems to us like pretty good evidence that she’s probably not decimating pints of ice cream and pounds of pasta in the middle of the night. It seems constant body criticism may always be a part of Kim’s life in the public eye.

Even if her other body parts aren’t getting thicker, we hope she’s at least developed a thick enough skin to let these crazy stories slide!

Do you think that Kim is gaining weight because of Kanye’s controlling behavior, or does she look the same to you?

Source: Star

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