Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Erecting $300k Balcony For Wedding Kiss — Report (VIDEO)
Credit: Annie Leibovitz/Courtesy of Vogue    

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Erecting $300k Balcony For Wedding Kiss — Report (VIDEO)

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will never be royals, but they can get pretty close with their wedding.

In fact, if a report out of New Zealand’s TVNZ is true, Kimye will re-enact the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first public kiss at their own wedding — and they’ll be doing it on their very own custom balcony, worth £200k ($336k US).

According to the insider, Kim and Kanye are erecting a temporary balcony at Chateau Louis XIV, the 18th-century replica castle where it’s rumored they plan to tie the knot. Such a high price tag may seem over the top for one moment of the wedding, but it’s nothing compared to the supposed bar tab they’ll be running at the reception.

The source further asserts that Kanye’s not sparing any expense when it comes to the libations he’ll serve their guests. With bottles of champagne worth more than $30k a pop and the world’s most expensive cognac, valued at more than $200k a bottle, what’s a little veranda for your first kiss as husband and wife, right?

Yeah... we’re not sure we buy it (not that we could afford it). It’s clear that Kanye wants his wedding to Kim to be memorable and he’s willing to spend freely to make it so. That said, if we were to add up all the lavish extras these two are supposedly tacking onto their celebration, the value would probably amount to more than their combined wealth (which is not small, we might add).

Plus, when has Kanye ever been one to copy somebody else? We’re sure this wedding’s going to be spectacular, but we highly doubt it will be like any other we’ve seen.

Source: TVNZ