Was Kanye West Jealous of Kim Kardashian’s Ex-Husband, Kris Humphries?
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Kim Kardashian

Was Kanye West Jealous of Kim Kardashian’s Ex-Husband, Kris Humphries?

Kanye West comes off so sure of himself, it’s difficult to imagine a situation where the “I Am A God” performer would feel less than 100 percent confident. But love does crazy things to people.

As Yeezy recently shared on Big Boy’s radio show on Power 106, he didn’t have a cell phone for three years (don’t ask us how that worked for an international superstar). The only person important enough to finally convince Kanye he should join the 21st century? Kim Kardashian.

“When I got my phone was when I saw Kim on the internet with Kris Humphries,” he says on air. At the time Kris and Kim were going strong, Kanye was off in Abu Dhabi recording; he and Kim were just friends but Kanye had long held a torch for the beautiful reality TV star.

“I wanted to marry that girl from the first time I saw her,” he explains. All it took was patience, he says. “I had to wade through a bunch of relationships to get my chance.”

Even when they were both with other people, however, Kim was often on Kanye’s mind (sorry, previous Mrs. Yeezus contenders). Kanye says he wrote a poem for his Kardashian muse that would eventually become hit “Lost in the World” featuring Bon Iver. Kim, he says, knew the song was for her.

“Lost in the World”, of course, dropped back in 2010 when Kanye was technically dating Amber Rose. Uh-oh, Kanye. Did you just admit to emotional cheating on Amber? Could her claims that Kim was a homewrecker be true?

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Source: Power 106

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