Kanye West is Taking Control of Kim’s Post-Baby Slimdown — Report
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Kanye West is Taking Control of Kim’s Post-Baby Slimdown — Report

Kim Kardashian has already made some major transformations to her bodacious bod since giving birth to daughter North West in June, but now that she’s nearing the three-month mark, she’s kicking her weight loss into high-gear with the help of one very dedicated supporter.

Kim has enlisted boyfriend Kanye West as her own personal diet supervisor, according to Yahoo! omg!. A source for the site claims that former junk food junkie Kim has already shed close to 30 pounds by eliminating all temptation from her home by doing a major kitchen purge, keeping only diet-friendly meals and snacks on hand.

While Kanye’s been known to love curvy beauties, having dated equally voluptuous model Amber Rose before getting together with Kim, the source claims that he’s being supportive of Kim’s slim-down plan, even stopping her from eating when she’s not supposed to.

"She can't go any where near the fridge, it is literally locked and Kanye has the key,” says the Kardashian insider.

"There’s nothing for her in the cupboards except foods that are part of the regime[sic], all being made for her."

However, despite Kim’s progress, she’s still hyper-critical of her post-baby body.

“The weight's coming off so she’s feeling terrific, but still hates her body and can’t wait to be LA thin," reveals the source.

"She's still obsessed with slimming down and trying to ‘like her body again', but she's getting there."

Do you think it's sweet of Kanye to help Kim with her weight loss, or is he being too controlling?

Source: Yahoo! omg!