Kanye West Wants to Make a Movie — Starring Kim Kardashian!
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Kim Kardashian

Kanye West Wants to Make a Movie — Starring Kim Kardashian!

Kim Kardashian got her start in the entertainment industry doing a little on-camera acting with a significant other, and now it looks as though she may be ready to revisit that decision — albeit in a very different manner than before.

Kim’s fiancé, Kanye West, is reportedly so enamored of his boo that he not only wants to turn her into a fashion icon, he wants to make her a movie star, to boot.

The couple recently launched a full-scale sensory assault on the good people of the world with Kanye’s video for “Bound 2”, in which Kim rides Kanye while Kanye rides a motorcycle and raps such romantic lines as, “I wanna f—k you hard on the sink.” And now they plan to do it again when the two stars collaborate on an upcoming movie.

HollywoodLife reports that Kanye wants to put Kim in a movie, because nothing turns him on (other than ranting) like a woman who makes her own money. “Kanye wants to work with his wife and incorporate her into his work,” says an insider. ”He likes how Kris gets to work with her family every day and gets paid for it. He sees that love, happiness and business mindset she has and thinks it’s brilliant.”

Adds the source, “If he’s approached to do a movie or something, best believe Kim’s going to be in it too. He controls his videos, so that’s a no-brainer. He will have Kim in future ones that he does.”

Kim’s already shown the world just how broad her talents are in Criterion Collection fare like Disaster Movie and Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor, so we’re sure the world waits with bated breath for her next career-making role.

Do you think Kim and Kanye should try to make it in the movie business?

Source: HollywoodLife

11.21.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Crow
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