Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Have Been Together More Than We Know!
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Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Have Been Together More Than We Know!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West don’t spend any time together?! That tabloid story ran out of steam ages ago. Yes, she’s pregnant with his baby, and he’s sometimes working in Paris and she’s often in L.A., they’re busy people and they’re both adults. Let’s all get over it, shall we?

The story got new life when Kim’s stepdad Bruce Jenner claimed that Kanye was never, ever around, but her best friend Jonathan Cheban was quick to defend Kim’s main squeeze.

“Kanye is the man,” Jonathan recently told Radaronline.com. “He’s actually always around. I have hung out with them together so many times, I couldn’t even count all the times and in different countries… all those stories make me laugh.”

We hope Kim and Kanye are laughing about them too! Given Kanye’s aversion to the paparazzi, we’re not surprised that he’s been flying under the radar, even though it’s probably spurred more crazy rumors than it prevented.

Even better than hearing that Kanye hasn’t been MIA during his girlfriend’s pregnancy? Hearing how happy Kim’s bestie is for her, and how great she and Kanye are together.

“He’s so smart and interesting and perfect for Kim,” he said of Kanye.

Cute and cuter! We're happy to hear that Kim and Kanye are so great together, but we also love seeing what besties Kim and Jonathan are. No matter the topic, he's always got her back.

Source: Radar Online