Kanye West Won’t Help With Lamar Odom’s Sobriety — Report
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Kanye West Won’t Help With Lamar Odom’s Sobriety — Report

Kanye West may have the world at his fingertips, but when it comes to helping out his fellow man, he’s not exactly bursting at the seams with generosity.

While Kim Kardashian’s brother-in-law, Lamar Odom, is allegedly in the grips of a deadly drug addiction, Kanye has reportedly been distancing himself from the NBA player, making it clear to family and friends that if Lamar wants to get his act together, it’s his business and his business alone.

A source for HollywoodLife reports, “It’s not his place to get involved with that situation. Khloe and Lamar are family to Kanye, but that’s not something he’s about to get involved in. If Lamar ever needed him for any reason, Kanye would be there without a doubt. … He’s got mad love for Lamar and Khloe and wishes the circumstances were different.”

The stress of marital strife may be hitting Lamar’s beleaguered bride the hardest, but the whole family is feeling the accute pain of Lamar’s struggle.

“It’s something that their whole family is struggling with,” says the Kardashian insider. “Kim always wants to be there for her family and when it comes to Khloe it’s no different. … It’s just something that everybody is leaving to Khloe and Lamar. Kim’s got a lot to do with North and Kanye and getting her family priorities together. … They’re all there for Khloe and Lamar if they ask but it’s something Kanye is staying away from.”

Do you think Kanye should work with the family to help Lamar?

Source: HollywoodLife