Kim Kardashian

Kanye West Says North Conceived “Among Renaissance Masterpieces” (VIDEO)

We’re not really sure why celebs want us to know so badly the circumstances under which their offspring were conceived, but it seems stars just can’t stop telling us how they made their babies. For example, Kanye West recently revealed that he believes North, his baby with fiancée Kim Kardashian, was conceived in Florence “among Renaissance masterpieces.”

We’re guessing (OK, we’re hoping) this isn’t to be taken literally. Kim and Kanye weren’t seriously getting it on in the Uffizi Gallery among priceless works of art, right? Right?! We’re pretty sure that’s frowned upon. Either way, it’s clear that the proud papa feels his gorgeous baby fits right in with the works of Botticelli, Michelangelo, and Caravaggio.

Kanye’s personal connection with the Italian city lends a certain amount of support to rumors that he and Kim will tie the knot in Florence, rather than in Paris as has been assumed for months. Several reports have indicated that while the couple will host a pre-wedding dinner in Paris, their nuptials will be a veritable tour of Europe, with the actual ceremony taking place at the Forte di Belvedere.

However, E! News, inarguably the authority on all things Kardashian, insists the wedding is set to take place in Versailles. Well, maybe Florence is the honeymoon locale, then. Who knows, maybe Kim and Kanye plan to conceive all their kids among Renaissance masterpieces.