Kim Kardashian

Kanye West First Proposed While Kim Kardashian Was With Reggie Bush (VIDEO)

Fact: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s love is one for the ages. We know it, you know it, Vogue knows it. And like all great loves, Kimye’s hasn’t had the easiest of roads to travel.

The power couple have never made it a secret they kinda sorta liked each other for years, even while dating (and, in Kim’s case, marrying) other people. One of Kanye’s more notorious exes, Amber Rose, even went so far as to claim Kim cheated on boyfriend Reggie Bush with Yeezy while he and Amber were still together!

While Kimye’s stayed tight-lipped about Amber’s claims, new reports seem to suggest Amber was on to something. Guys, better sit down because Kanye just told the world he proposed for Kim Kardashian years ago.

Sounding off during a concert, Kanye told the audience (and their recording devices) that he actually asked Kim to marry him long before that spectacle in AT&T Park last October. “I told Kim seven years ago I would marry her and I made it happen,” he said (via Hollyscoop).

Seven years ago? That puts us in 2007 and, um, right at the start of Kim’s relationship with Reggie Bush and Kanye’s with then-fiancée Alexis Phifer. Awkward.