Kanye West to Stay Out of Pregnant Kim Kardashian’s Delivery Room
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Kanye West to Stay Out of Pregnant Kim Kardashian’s Delivery Room

Kanye West is gonna stay the hell outta Dodge when it comes time for Kim Kardashian to welcome her baby daughter. And by Dodge, we mean the delivery room.

We're thinking of that scene in Knocked Up when one of the guys comes out of Katherine Heigl's delivery room, woozily telling his friends, "I shouldn't have gone in there. Don't go in there. Promise me you don't go in there." That's pretty much what Kanye's reaction would be, if In Touch Weekly's source is to be believed.

The insider says that though Kanye will absolutely be at the hospital when the Spawn of Kimye enters the world, "he won't physically be in the delivery room. He’s very squeamish and doesn’t want to be around blood."

We certainly can't fault 'Ye. If he did see that "miracle of life" up close and personal, he'd have a whole new reason to be singing "Mercy!" However, we're more than a little skeptical. This is an old rumor that arose back in January, and Wetpaint Entertainment has exclusively reported that a close friend to Kim says it's total BS.

Kim is only weeks away from the birth of her first child, which will take place at Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical Hospital, where "her $3,000-a-day deluxe birthing suite includes a full-size bathtub, separate sitting room, and flat-screen TV," In Touch reports.

Another of the mag's sources says, "She will have an epidural — no C-section. It’ll be the same routine as Kourtney."

Source: In Touch Weekly