Kanye West Unleashes His Inner Control Freak Over Wedding Plans (VIDEO)
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Kim Kardashian

Kanye West Unleashes His Inner Control Freak Over Wedding Plans (VIDEO)

Kanye West’s hotheaded behavior may have earned him a reputation as the crankiest man in hip-hop, and it looks like his Type A personality has spilled over into his wedding planning, as well.

TMZ reports that, despite his wedding to Kim Kardashian being only a day away, Kanye has managed to keep his bride-to-be in the dark about the who, where, and when of their wedding.

While plenty of details about the couple’s celebration have already leaked to the press, from Kim’s all-family bridal party to the star-studded guest list, Kanye has taken it upon himself to take care of many of the more major details of the wedding himself, without cluing in Kim.

Kanye is reportedly trying to keep Kim as far away from her phone and computer as possible (good luck with that, ‘Ye) so she doesn’t find out what he has planned for the big day.

So what does Kanye have up his sleeve? After exchanging vows in France, the couple will fly to Florence with their friends and family for a huge celebration that’s being kept under wraps — sources allege that even the couple’s closest friends don’t know where they’re staying in Florence or how they’re getting there!

Do you think Kanye’s going overboard with his wedding plans?

Source: TMZ