Kim and Kanye’s Wedding Had Gold Toilets, Headless Nude Sculptures — Report
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Kim Kardashian

Kim and Kanye’s Wedding Had Gold Toilets, Headless Nude Sculptures — Report

How over the top was Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding? Very, according to a Page Six report. You know your wedding is pretty crazy when the toilets you chose for the occasion are the talk of the party.

According to an anonymous source from inside the event, the Florentine wedding was no small feat by any measure. “The couple didn’t want to do it at an accessible part of the fort, so they hired a crane to lift every single item used in the wedding up 240 feet (70 meters) to the very top,” the Page Six spy claims. That apparently included the bathrooms installed especially for the event.

As you can imagine, no ordinary Honey Bucket would do for Kanye and Kim. According to the spy, their toilet — contained in a giant, 49-foot-tall gold box next to the reception dinner tables — was “the star of the show,” dubbed Torre di Bagni Oro, or “The Gold Toilet Tower” by the Italian speaking attendees. There’s a “Watch the Throne” joke in there somewhere.

In addition to Kimye’s gilded johns, the party was also supposed to be decorated with 30 life-size nude sculptures carved from black Carrera marble. However, ten fell apart before shipping, another ten were horribly damaged in transit, and only six of the remaining third still had their heads at the time of the reception. The headless statues stood at the party anyway — hey, it’s not like no one’s ever seen a beheaded sculpture in Florence, right?

Other totally nutty features of the wedding include a custom-built marble piano for John Legend to play, a $136,000 audio system (which Kanye reportedly asked be taken down hours before the wedding because he didn’t like the look of the speakers), and Jaden Smith running around the reception in a white Batman costume.

Okay, maybe the stars aren’t just like us after all.

Source: Page Six