You know one consequence of Kanye West hitting it off with a starlet like Kim Kardashian? We get twice as many Yeezy opinions but now some come with a certain special dash. The latest example: Kanye saying he would make his wife-to-be a bigger performer than Beyoncé and Kimye would become the first couple of hip hop.

Except Kanye never said that, according to a rep for the rapper as reported by The Huffington Post. Although misquoting is never okay, we will say in defense of the publications that did run with the story, Kanye does say a lot of things equally as unexpected.

The “I Am A God” performer has been faux-saying a lot of things of late. Right before this latest Queen Bey kerfuffle, reports abounded that Kanye had compared himself to the recently departed Nelson Mandela. 'Ye was so upset by the story — as he should be — he took to Twitter to set the record straight.

Despite recent media reports, I've never said anything to dishonor or trivialize the life or transition of one of the most inspiring leaders,” he tweeted December 9 before adding, “Thank you, Mandela, for your life's work and may it serve as a guiding light to illuminate our future.”

Now there’s something we can all agree upon.

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