Kim Kardashian is a girl who knows what she wants, and this year, that just so happened to be the extremely modest gift of a $250,000 Christmas card set in a dystopian future.

According to a source close to the Kardashians, the family Christmas card, shot this year by David LaChappelle, may have turned out to be a testament to the Kardashian’s love of all things in excess, but the original plan for the show of holiday cheer was far different from the finished product. reports that Kanye West had originally attempted to assume creative control for the shoot, hoping initially to hire either Annie Leibovitz or Mario Testino to snap the family card. Annie, who narrowly avoided filing for bankruptcy last year, had reportedly wanted to take the job at first, but soon backed out after E! couldn’t cough up the money she wanted for the shoot.

“Annie tried to play hardball with Kanye over the money, but the production had to stick to their budget,” says a Kardashian insider.

In addition to Kanye’s attempt to hire a photographer, the rapper reportedly provided plenty of other help along the way.

“It turns out that Kanye was the puppet master behind the photo shoot, as he provided art direction, sketches, and costume and makeup ideas,” says the source.

While it doesn’t seem unlike Kanye to try to be heavily involved in the creative process, it seems pretty unlikely that anyone at E! would let Kanye, who’s not even a regular on the show, anywhere near their product.

Perhaps the most dubious part of the story is that Kanye had a hand in the Christmas card and still somehow managed to not get his way — if things went down like that, we’re sure it was the first and last time.