Credit: Courtesy of Nike (via eBay)

If you had your sights on a pair of Kanye West’s slick, lipstick-colored “Red October” Air Yeezy 2’s, prepare yourself for some major sticker shock.

The special edition Nike kicks, which retailed for $245 at the athletic giant’s site and stores, sold out in mere minutes. However, a few pairs showed up on eBay soon after... with quite a dramatic markup. In fact, one listing, found by E! Online’s fashion-forward online shoppers, has them going to £10 million, or $16.3 million US!

The sneakers’ release was announced quietly on Nike’s Twitter handle early February 10, but eager patrons snatched them up instantly. Looks like some are looking to turn right back around and make some money off the hot commodity, but we have to say that is a staggering markup.

Thankfully for the more budget-minded trendsetter, there are some sellers on the e-tail site that are a little more in reach. In fact, if you act quick, you can get a pair for $1,200. Sure, that’s still nearly five times the original retail price, but it sure beats the 8-figure price tag some are slapping on these red-hot sneaks.

Do you think anyone will actually pay that much for a pair of Air Yeezys, or is this seller engaging in some major highballing?

SourceE! Online