Kanye West may have a hard-earned reputation as an innovator in both the music and fashion industries, but is he copying the work of others to achieve his success?

A source close to the rapper claims that Kanye spent the better part of his career knowing little about either art or fashion, and much of the work he has produced has been more than just derivative — it’s outright stolen.

He only attended art school for one semester!” the insider tells RadarOnline.com. “He was totally clueless about design up until recently. He had no idea about what books to read, or what designers were good, and he had to have people tell him, to take him to Art Basel, fashion week and so on.”

Sources in the rapper’s inner circle claim that Kanye’s habit of borrowing from other designers has already made him persona non grata in certain groups within the fashion community, but that hasn’t stopped him from continuing to lift ideas.

Some people in Kanye’s camp believe he stole the concept of the phoenix woman in his [2010] video, ‘Runaway’ from a painting done by the father of one of his former creative directors,” reveals a source.

While his alleged copycat ways may not have torpedoed Kanye’s career yet, insiders says that it won’t be long before his reported idea theft catches up to him in a big way. “People around him have been saying it for a while, and it’s happening right now with all these copying accusations. People will see pretty soon that he’s all talk with little substance to back it up.”

Do you believe that Kanye’s been stealing other peoples’ ideas?

Source: RadarOnline.com