Kim Kardashian may have been the belle of the ball at her wedding, but Kanye West was the one pulling the strings to ensure he and his bride had a picture-perfect day.

On Monday, the final episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ ninth season aired on E!, showing fans the behind-the-scenes action that led up to Kimye’s wedding day — and Kanye’s hidden talent as a wedding planner.

After a number of fashion dilemmas regarding the bridesmaids’ dresses, from a too-high neckline here to a hard-to-conceal baby bump there, Kanye took the reins and revamped each woman’s look with a brand new set of gowns.

While Kanye’s behavior may seem more than a bit controlling to some, it’s clear that his bride was thrilled with his strategy.

“It’s such a relief and I’m so thankful that Kanye has these connections that he was able to call someone and get a dress in, like, a day,” said Kim.

Although the dresses weren’t the only thing causing drama before the big day, from no-show brothers Rob Kardashian and Brody Jenner to Khloe’s horrible hangover, Kim and Kanye managed to make it to the altar and remain married a staggering three months later.

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