Which Kardashian Just Called the Cops on the Paparazzi? (PHOTO)
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The Kardashians

Which Kardashian Just Called the Cops on the Paparazzi? (PHOTO)

The Kardashians have one thing to say to the paparazzi: Leave us alone! Between the 14 cars tailing Khloe through the streets of SoCal to the helicopters circling Kris Jenner’s home, media attention has reached new privacy compromising peaks when it comes to all things K-dash.

Things finally went too far for Kourtney Kardashian this weekend when some photographers tried to scale the fence around her private residence in Malibu. The mother of two called in the cops and, while cradling baby Penelope and with son Mason looking appropriately flabbergasted in the background, gave the deets to officers. Ironically, all this anti-media attention was captured by the camera-wielding folks waiting below.

Which Kardashian Just Called the Cops on the Paparazzi? (PHOTO)
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Why are the paps so interested in this famous family? So many reasons, so little time. First there’s North West, a whole month old and still yet to grace the cover of a magazine. Nori’s mom Kim has been equally unavailable for her close-up, driving the paps into a mouth-frothing frenzy. Without their regular starlet to track, they’ve turned their eyes (and their telephoto lenses) onto Khloe, Kourt, and their families.

Meanwhile, the men in the Kardashian Klan have been taking matters into their own hands — literally. Last week Khloe’s hubby Lamar Odom trashed a cameraman’s equipment after he supposedly crossed onto the couple’s private property (paps, trespassing clearly not a good idea). Then, Kim’s boyfriend Kanye didn’t mince words at the airport when he told a pap just who and who he couldn’t talk to for the rest of his life.

As much as we love ourselves a good Kardashian pic and of course can’t wait for North’s debut, the family’s got a point. Good rule of thumb: when you have to crawl, climb, fly, or levitate to get that photo, maybe it’s time to go track down Amanda Bynes instead.