Is There a Curse on Athletes Who Date Kardashian Women? (VIDEO)
Is There a Curse on Athletes Who Date Kardashian Women? (VIDEO)
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Is There a Curse on Athletes Who Date Kardashian Women? (VIDEO)


The only thing a Kardashian woman loves as much as her designer clothing is an athlete boyfriend or husband. But do the reality stars bring bad luck to a man’s performance on the court/field? Sports site The Fumble has reviewed the evidence, and it’s somewhat compelling.

Lamar Odom, for example, went from being one of the most valued sixth men in the NBA before his 2009 marriage to being better known for rumors of drug use and heavy partying in recent months. We hardly think that’s Khloe’s fault, but Lamar’s not the only athlete to experience a decline after hitching his wagon to a Kardashian’s star.

Detroit Lions linebacker Reggie Bush played for the New Orleans Saints when he began dating Kim Kardashian in 2007. While he took home a Super Bowl ring while they were still together, his rushing yards stats took a steep decline after their second and final breakup. Two years later, he was finally back in fighting shape and setting new career records.

Could Reggie’s slump have been due to a broken heart? It’s possible. But things have been even worse for Kim’s other athletic ex, Kris Humphries, who frequently was booed on the court after their 72-day marriage fell apart.

The Fumble also makes mention of Bruce Jenner’s decline from Olympic record-breaker to... that guy married to Kris, but we’re not exactly sold on that one. As fun as it might be to blame all manner of unfortunate occurrences on Kris, these two didn’t marry until 1991 — when Bruce’s athletic career was already well behind him.

What do you think — is there a curse on sports stars who date Kardashian women, or is it all coincidence?

Source: The Fumble/Aol.