Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Employ Israeli Military Security for North?
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Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Employ Israeli Military Security for North?

The fact that it’s been almost three weeks since North West entered the world and not one single photo of her has leaked tells us mama Kim Kardashian and papa Kanye West have some pretty tight security in place. But we never thought measures would be quite as extreme as what Belfast Telegraph reports via UK rag Heat Magazine.

According to the tabloid (yes, tabloid), Kim and Kanye have imported a special military team to protect baby Nori. The task force is supposedly made up of former Israeli military operatives whose sole duty in life is to protect North. We’re calling it Operation Winter is Coming. You know, because the North is snowy?

“Their security team are the best in the business; they’re trained in handling vast amounts of confidential information, so they are perfect for the Hollywood elite,” a source told Heat. “Their strength lies in their ability to deal with situations such as stalkers and death threats.”

Huh, okay. It seems odd superstars like Kim and Kanye would have to look as far away as Israel for grade A security but sure, why not? We are talking about new parents, after all, whose top priority is making sure Baby’s healthy and happy. Still, some of the rules Heat details seem a tad intense, even for Yeezy.

Among the supposedly new regulations: cameras and panic buttons installed at Kris Jenner’s house (as if those weren’t there years ago); full security sweeps of visitors (too tedious); no phones allowed (as if); and only three guests permitted at a time (totally not going to work for the 8+ members of the Kardashian Krew).

We’re skeptical Kim and Kanye have locked it down quite so tight, but no doubt their newborn’s privacy is a top priority. Now just imagine when she starts dating.

Source: Heat via Belfast Telegraph