Credit : Wetpaint Entertainment

Guess Who?

Which Kardashian Sister Admitted to Getting Breast Implants in College? (VIDEO)

At this point in our obsession with the Kardashian sisters, we feel as though we know these queens of fashion and reality TV like the back of our hands. Strike that — we know them even better. (Honestly, who spends that much time looking at the backs of their hands?)

But what about you — do you think you can tell the difference between Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney at 20 paces? Of course you can. However, we’ve tried to make it just a little more challenging than that with this Guess Who.

Check out the video above to play along. You’ve got just 30 seconds to name the right sister before you run out of time... and clues. However, if you’re a true Kardashian superfan, we’re willing to bet all our DASH memorabilia that it won’t take you even half that long.

Here's one hint to get you started: Our mystery lady in question admitted to getting breast implants in college, later calling it a "dumb" decision.

Ready? Set? Go! And be sure to brag about your time in the comments.