The Kardashian Sisters Proclaim Their Innocence in Latest Lawsuit
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The Kardashians

The Kardashian Sisters Proclaim Their Innocence in Latest Lawsuit

The Kardashian sisters may have a knack for selling tabloids, but the other products the girls have slapped their famous names across haven’t always been so favorably received.

Case in point: the Khroma makeup line, endorsed by Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian, which has been accused of violating a federal injunction. The problem? While the name Khroma may sound distinctly Kardashian-oriented, the girls aren’t the first one to use the distinctive moniker. reports that makeup artist Lee Tillett thought the name bore too much similarity to the name of her own line, Kroma, and got an injunction to stop Khroma’s parent company, Boldface, to stop distributing the brand. The quick fix slapped on the problem was to change the company’s name to Kardashian Beauty, which left many wondering if the girls had more to do with the company’s branding than originally thought.

To keep themselves out of trouble, the celebrity sisters quickly issued a statement through their lawyer claiming they have nothing to do with the naming of their products.

“The Kardsashians are not involved in running Boldface — they are not part of its management, nor are they agents, employees, officers or directors of Boldface,” says the sisters’ plea.

“The Kardashians have no involvement in deciding when particular products should be distributed, or where they should be distributed — those decisions are all made by Boldface alone.”

While the Kardashians may still be in hot water over the Khroma name, the legal system is all old hat to them at this point — the girls have had previous lawsuits over their QuickTrim diet pills and prepaid credit card dismissed.

Do you think the Khroma case will be dropped?