Did the Kardashians Stage Their Paparazzi Break-In?
Credit: Kris Jenner on Instagram    

The Kardashians

Did the Kardashians Stage Their Paparazzi Break-In?

The Kardashians have allegedly staged a lot of things in their day — fights, chicken adoptions, entire marriages — but is their scuffle with a paparazzo one of them?

In a video posted to Keek earlier this week, the Kardashians were hanging out at home when an alleged trespasser made his was onto their property in an attempt to take photos of the family.

The intruder, who was reportedly a paparazzo, had somehow made his way past the guards at the entrance to their gated community and onto the grounds of the Kardashian Kompound.

When the gang saw the shutterbug from their living room, rather than calling the police, Kim Kardashian and company decided to start filming and send mom Kris Jenner on a hunt for the guy, who got away before they could get him on camera.

Now various sources are throwing shade at the family's reaction to what could have been actual life-threatening danger, alleging that it was all a publicity stunt.

It does seem a bit fishy that a group of unarmed celebrities, one of whom likely had a baby in tow, would choose to confront a potential criminal on their own, and that no police or security guards would have intervened at any point.

It seems even fishier, given the family's penchant for selfies and phone videography, that nobody would have been able to capture him on camera.

Do you think the paparazzi break-in was staged?

Source: The Hollywood Gossip