Okay, before you guys start a prayer circle and send out a Facebook invite for a candlelight vigil, you needn’t worry. Kanye West is fine. However, he’s probably going to have a big ol’ bruise on his head after walking into a road sign during a house hunting adventure with his baby mama, Kim Kardashian.

Splash News’ pictures and reports indicate that Kanye took a nasty blow to the head from a sign post during his walkabout with Kim. It would appear that something stole Kanye’s attention enough that he momentarily stopped looking where he was going.  Perhaps a house he liked? Splash also reports that Kanye and Kim are house hunting in Bel Air, despite the fact that the expectant couple bought a home in the upscale L.A. neighborhood this past January

Kimye have reportedly been renovating their crib (get it?) for months. However, a report last month indicated their home wouldn’t be ready before Kim’s July due date. Given that intel, it’s a safe bet that they’re looking for a renter to avoid shacking up with Kim’s parents. And can you really blame them for wanting their privacy? We know we would if Kris Jenner was our mom/mother-in-law.

Kanye appeared dazed and grabbed his head while Kim made sure he was okay. No medics needed, though! Just a bit of an embarrassing moment for the rap star. Kanye may be a god according to his latest song, but this brush with near calamity seems to prove that Yeezy is human after all.

Source: Splash News