Credit: Instagram Photo: Kendall and Kylie Meet Dennis Rodman

Kendall and Kylie Jenner met a six-and-a-half foot tall surprise this weekend.

During an appearance to debut their summer collection for PacSun at the Brea Mall on Saturday, the model sisters met none other than former NBA star Dennis Rodman.

To commemorate the epic meeting, Kendall took to Instagram, writing, “lol surprise! Dennis Rodman everybody.”

While the sisters were meeting with fans at the mall to promote their collection, which is available nationwide, Dennis was apparently taking a shopping break.

Dennis is now flexing his political muscles, and is reportedly taking a trip to North Korea on August 1 to ask Kim Jong-Un, his friend, to “do me a solid” and release 44-year-old Korean-American Kenneth Bae, who was recently sentenced to 15 years hard labor.

If there has ever been a meeting of two worlds, this would be it.

Source: E! Online

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