Kendall Jenner recently posted some pretty sexy selfies that had us asking whether she was acting a little too provocative her age. The 17-year-old was pouting at the camera and licking her lip in a very suggestive fashion, but now she’s posted a pic that goes even further.

The photo in question was posted to Kendall’s Instagram recently, and Kendall captioned it accurately enough, writing only “pink polkadot bikinis and roller skates.”

The pic is taken from above, from Kendall’s point of view. The subject is Kendall’s lower half, with her lower tummy at the top of the frame, and a pair of roller skating feet at the bottom. In between is a loooot of skin, covered only by one very skimpy pair of pink bikini bottoms.

We’re trying hard to rein in our judgy-wudgies here, because she’s just a teenager, but what is going on here? Sure, there’s no nudity involved, but the image has stirred up some controversy and, no surprised, elicited some seriously creepy comments. “A pic of the ass please,” “Sexyyy girl,” and “the things I would do to you, you beautiful piece of heaven,” are just a few of the many comments the photo got on Instagram, along with the ever-classy “Cameltoe.” EW.   

Seriously Kendall, we know you’re almost a grown-ass lady, but let’s cool it on the Lolita pics, shall we? And seriously Kris Jenner, think about stepping in here! She’s your daughter, help her be a kid for just a little while longer. We dare you. 

Source: Kendall Jenner on Instagram