Okay, Kimmy, we need to talk about your shoes again. That simply can’t be comfortable!

Kim Kardashian is almost done gestating her little Kimbryo, but she’s still wearing sky-high heels. Earlier in her pregnancy, Kim made stilettos look like NBD, but 8 months pregnant is a very different situation. Just look at how puffy Kim’s angles are in these shoes!

This isn’t the first time Kim has experienced edema in her feet. Last week she showcased the aftermath of a day walking in Givenchy strappy sandals on her Instagram.

Swollen feet are a pretty common condition toward the end of pregnancy, even in the most comfortable shoes. Frankly, if we were in Kim’s situation, we’d be all UGGs all the time. And don’t get us wrong — we reside staunchly in the anti-UGGs camp. But when we’re carrying around an extra person 24/7, all fashion rules are out the window. 

Not this Kardashian, though! Beauty is pain and pain beauty, after all. Kim is clearly hellbent on wearing heels all the way to the delivery room. While she has said before that flats make her back hurt, we’re more than a little skeptical that these shoes are anything short of torture at this stage in Kim’s pregnancy.

And if comfort isn’t a concern for Kim (when has it ever been?) she might want to consider the fact that while she prefers the aesthetic of heels, feet and ankles that swollen are so not a good look.