Celebrity clothing lines may be "rich soil" for profit, but not if stars rip off government trademarks! Khloe Kardashian may learn that lesson the hard way, since T-shirts in her and husband's Rich Soil line may soon be the subject of a lawsuit by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's administration.

The shirts bear the Rich Soil name within an emblem that depicts the Statue of Liberty overlooking a farm. The problem: It's a direct copy of the "Pride of New York" emblem that the Department of Agriculture uses to mark food grown in New York.

According to documents obtained by the Daily News, the State of New York will sue Khloe Kardashian in five days unless she and hubby Lamar Odom stop selling products bearing that logo.

In a letter to Rich Soil, Department of Agriculture lawyer Susan Rosenthal says,  “The State of New York has invested substantial time, effort, and resources creating the respect and goodwill associated with the trademark."

Yikes, Khloe. Better go back to the drawing board and find some other designs!

UPDATE: Khloe heard the threat, loud and clear, since — as of today, May 21 — the website for Rich Soil no longer features any shirts with the design. When a reporter asked Gov. Cuomo to comment on the situation on May 20, Politicker quotes the guv as saying, "I wish I could in some ways. It would at least be a little more interesting than what I normally do… My understanding was that was basically sent out as a copyright infringement letter on a sort of pro forma monitoring basis."

Source: Daily News, Politicker