Guys, we think we might know why Kris Jenner was wearing that wig during her family’s Greece vacation in early May.

At first, we assumed that the Kardashian mama just wanted to try out longer locks. Now, it looks like her motivation might be a bit stronger than simply desiring a more youthful ‘do. Kris’s hair appears to be in the beginning stages of thinning out.

On May 22, photographers caught up with Kris, 57, while the mother of six and grandmother of two was helping her pregnant daughter Kim shop for baby toys in Paris. As Kris played around on a bicycle inside a local toy store, photographers snapped plenty of photos — and one of them shows Kris’s hair, which seems to be thinning around the top of her head.

Kim recently blogged about her mom’s newly-developed penchant for trying on wigs, but she said absolutely nothing about any potential hair loss. “My mom is a little cray and tried this wig on,” Kim wrote that same day. “It looks really glam on her and it was hard to get used to, but she looks gorgeous either way! Xo”

What do you think: Has Kris’ hair really started to thin... or is one little photo not nearly enough to convince you quite yet?

Source: Splash News, Kim Kardashian’s Blog