It’s been weeks since a very pregnant Kim Kardashian walked the red carpet of the fancypants Met Gala wearing a controversial Givenchy dress, but people are still weighing in on the fashion choice!  

So, who is the latest to voice her opinion? Kim’s sister Khloe! She was a guest on the Today Show recently, and host Kathie Lee Gifford showed her a pic of Kim at the Gala as she went in for the hard-hitting question: “What did you think of the dress?”

Khloe, always a fan of brutal honesty, was actually pretty diplomatic!

“I think Kim is beautiful,” she began. “I wish, like, the gloves…” she trailed off, before trying again. “I just felt like it was too covered somehow, just because her body, her boobs, her belly…just all looked like one.”

Nicely handled, Khloe. The floor-length gown by Riccardo Tisci featured a bold floral print, thigh-high slit and built-in gloves, and earned comparisons to such things as a couch and Mrs. Doubtfire.

Tisci himself stepped in to defend Kim’s look, and called her, “The most beautiful pregnant woman I dressed in my career,” but we’re kind of with Khloe on this one. The way Kim’s gloved hands just kind of disappeared into the rest of her body in photos?  Not her best look. But don't worry, guys, there's always next year! 

Source: Radar Online