Everyone knows Kim Kardashian is obsessed with cosmetic procedures. This is, after all, the woman who tweeted photos of her blood-soaked face after receiving a “Vampire Facelift” to rejuvenate her skin. But is she vain enough to risk her unborn daughter’s health for the sake of a smooth forehead?

That’s the claim recently made by In Touch Magazine, which recently reported that Kim has been throwing caution to the wind and continuing to receive Botox treatments while heavily pregnant .

Kim’s publicist hotly denied the report, calling it “absurd and not true.” And now, an insider close to Kim confirms to Wetpaint she’d never take a needle to her skin while carrying her baby.

“She 100 percent has NOT been getting Botox,” the insider stresses. “Those rumors are ridiculous. She’d never take a risk like that this far along in her pregnancy.”

“Right now her focus isn’t on her appearance,” the insider concludes. “It’s on resting and spending as much time as possible with Kanye and her family. She’s so excited to have this little girl.” 

Beth Sobol is editor at large at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter and Google+!