Kim Kardashian’s baby shower was a sight to behold: the mama-to-be and her family were dressed all in white, everyone wore wreaths of baby’s breath on their heads, and there were pink foods galore in honor of Kim’s baby girl. But if you look closely at photos of the event, there’s one thing you probably won’t see: Cell phones!

Apparently Kim & co. requested that guests, “hand over their mobile phones on arrival” at the event, according to an “inside” source for the Mirror.

No cell phones?! We get that the Kardashians probably wanted complete control over when and which photos of the happy day were released, but knowing how attached people are to their phones these days, that’s a pretty big ask.

We may never know for sure if this request was made (unless it’s on Keeping Up With The Kardashians), but seeing as a few up close and personal photos appeared on  guests’ Twitter accounts—like Spice Girl Mel B. and Kelly Osbourne—we’re guessing the answer is no.

Luckily, they still acted like the adult celebs that they are and respected Kim’s privacy! After all, there has to be some sort of celebrity golden rule, right? Don’t leak pictures for others that you wouldn’t want leaked for yourself. Now there’s a sampler we’d hang on our wall.

Source: The Mirror, Twitter