Kim Kardashian is finally speaking out. For the past 13 days, the usually vocal star has stayed shockingly silent. Kim gave birth to her daughter, North West, on June 15. She hasn’t said a single word since the evening before.

Now, on June 27, the new mom has taken to Twitter to say her first public words since the arrival of her daughter. What could be so important as to make Kim break her self-imposed cone of silence? Well, today is her beloved little sister Khloe Kardashian’s birthday.

“Then- @khloekardashian The birthday girl! I love you so much!!!!,” Kim tweeted at 12:12pm, linking to an adorable Instagram collage of Khloe as a little girl.

Two minutes later, she posted a follow-up tweet. “Now- @khloekardashian The most loyal & supportive person on the planet! Life wouldn't be the same… ” This time, the Instagram photo showed a collage of various fun photos of the sisters today.

Obviously, the decision to break her silence must have been a big one for Kim. In the weeks since giving birth, she’s disappeared from the public eye entirely. No photos. No interviews. No nothing.

But family is family, and it seems Kim just wasn’t prepared to let the day go by without publically telling her sister just how immensely important she is to her. Family first. Always.

Source: Kim Kardashian on Twitter